Digital Fish Feeder

Mark One Products is a specialist UK company devoted to the design
and innovation of quality products for the aquatic community.

Our products are designed and engineered in the UK to the
highest standard High performance materials and components
are used in the construction of the feeder and timer to give
longlasting and trouble-free use.

Our new DIGITAL TIMER which is fully CE approved has been
designed with the aquatic enthusiast in mind and enables a
comprehensive range of feeding patterns which can be programmed for
continuous feeding through all seasons.

The mains voltage operated FEEDER has been built from durable plastics and
is again CE approved the feeder is primarily designed for use with the Mark One
timer but can be used with any mechanical or electronic timer switching a
110/220-240v AC 3 amp current

For complete support we provide a full range of spares and accessories (of course
we guarantee the timer and feeder for 12 months from the date of purchase).