Q. Why do I need a fish feeder
A. Because fish keepers that are unable to feed the “little and often”regime will find this product a reliable necessity for this healthier feeding method.

Q. Why this fish feeder
A. Because this feeder projects food pellets onto the water surface in a fan pattern, fish will have equal feeding opportunities.

Q. Will I have to clean my pond and filters as often with the automatic fish feeder.
A. No, by keeping waste to a minimum there is less build up of matter in the bottom of the pond which will take the strain from your filters.

Q. Does regular feeding cut down disease in my fish pond.
A. Yes, because no food is wasted and therefore cannot accumulate on the bottom of the pond. This will help discourage infection and disease.

Q. Does automatic feeding keep my fish healthier.
A. Yes, by feeding your fish smaller amounts over a longer period they will not be over or underfed. Your fish will benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

Q. Will my fish grow faster using a fish feeder.
A. Yes, your fish will grow faster using a fish feeder because you will be feeding “little and often”which will help to promote healthy growth.

Q. Can I feed my fish other than the times set on the timer or do I have to reset the timer every time.
A. Yes, you can use the timed manual feed facility to override the timer and feed when required without having to reset the timer.

Q. Is the investment worth the cost.
A. Yes, undoubtedly, the loss of on fish through disease could cost more than the feeder and timer combined.